Sales Associate 2 Day Becoming a Best Seller Workshop

Course Description

Auto Sales 101: Auto Sales 101 focuses on the typical duties, responsibilities and standard procedures required to maintain high levels of sales efficiency. 

Legal and Ethical Standards: outlines the laws and regulations that directly effect a sales consultant’s activities. Attendees who participate in the course have a better understanding of the laws that impact their day-to-day activities and are more prepared to act in a legally compliant manner. At the end of the course, attendees must pass a certification exam. 

Selling in Today’s Digital Market: focuses on essential sales principles and practices required to succeed in today’s “social media”, “digital market” environment. Special emphasis is placed on improving sales consultant’s Internet and social media selling skills. Special emphasis is placed on group exercises and interactive role-play. 

Setting the Stage: summarizes the specific stages of the sale from the meet and great to the demo drive. Special emphasis is placed on discovering a customer’s true wants and needs and following through on a solid vehicle presentation and demonstration. 

Presenting Purchase Options: is designed to give sales associates a competent approach to the presentation of numbers and discussion of the price. The intent is to improve customer adherence thereby increasing customer satisfaction, sales, and profits. Special emphasis is placed on group exercises and interactive roleplay. 

Addressing Customers Concerns: Addressing Customer Concerns focuses on common objections that come up during the sales cycle as well as the discussion of price. Sales consultants will learn a rational means to handle these objections allowing for them to stay on course. Special emphasis is placed on group exercises and interactive role-play. 

Winning at Ecommerce focuses on specific techniques aimed at improving email, Internet, and telephone skills. Sales consultants will become more adept at securing an appointment and moving customers through the sale over the phone. 

A Lesson on Leasing: reviews leasing terminology and leasing’s various benefits to both the customer and dealership. Sales consultants will have better knowledge of automotive leasing and the confidence needed to present leasing to customers.