A recruitment and advancement program for Auto Sales and Management Professionals designed to staff your operation while building a strong bench of future talent.

Program Overview

From top level management to the sales floor GGA will deliver professional candidates with winning attitudes, a burning desire to succeed and the ambition to fit in well with your dealership’s culture and philosophies.

Sales, Sales Management and Financial Services Staffing

  • GGA recruits and interviews candidates
  • Dealer selects candidates to advance to workshop
  • GGA hosts the 2 day “Becoming a Best Seller” workshop with selected candidates 
  • GGA delivers highest scoring candidates to Dealer’s sales floor 
  • GGA assists dealer in advancing the career of specific candidates (Best Seller Mentorship Program) 

Developing others has significant benefits for your organization. GGA offers support in advancing the career of selected candidate’s in-store or from the Recruitment Program.

GGA will:

  • provide ongoing support to your dealership with the short- and/or long-term development of selected candidates
  • *Short-term development focuses on the immediate job at hand 
  • *Long-term development prepares candidates for the future
  • assist in establishing and implementing a plan of action with the selected candidates
  • provide ongoing support of the plan of action established for each of the selected candidates 
  • work with a current manager at the store and prepare him/her with the mechanisms required to effectively mentor, coach and deliver the feedback to support the candidates plan for development
  • provide ongoing support with the assigned manager at the store and assist in broadening the candidate’s strengths and opportunities for improvement

Best Seller Sales consultant training course content


· Selling in Today’s Digital Market

· The 5 Biggest Mistakes Sales Consultants Make and how to Avoid Them

· How to Make Great First Impressions

· Discovering Your Customers True Wants and Needs

· Selecting the Right Vehicle

· Delivering and Academy Award Presentation and Demonstration

· Shaping the Sale

· Win at the Discussion of Price

· Win at E-commerce

· Win at Prospecting and Follow-up

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