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GGA answers the call for F&I product administrators and general agents variable operations training needs.

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To be the complete source for all your variable operations training needs.

Gerry Gould & Associates only objective is to establish strategic partnerships and alliances that fulfill F&I product administrators  and general agents variable operations training needs. 

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Who is Gerry Gould

Gerry Gould & Associates, L.L.C. an automotive variable operations training company devoted to providing F&I product administrators and general agents a source for their sales, sales management and F&I training needs.

Gerry has over three decades of automotive sales and management experience. He began his automotive career as a sales consultant at Fitzgerald Hicks Dodge in Salem, NH where his father was the general manager. Soon after Gerry and his father opened Gould Auto Sales an independent pre-owned dealership in Lawrence, Ma, which they later sold. After the sale Gerry was hired at Ira Oldsmobile-Toyota in Danvers, Ma as a sales consultant were he swiftly moved through the ranks of virtually all front-end management positions. In 1996 Gerry joined the team of David Lewis & Associates where he dedicated his knowledge and experience to training others. Following a successful tenure with David Lewis & Associates he relocated to Florida in 2002 where he held the position of Florida Regional F&I Director for AutoNation the nation's largest automotive retailer until 2009 when he accepted the position of Director of Training for United Development Systems a well-established general agent focused on F&I performance and development. Through the years Gerry has spoken at and held numerous workshops for groups and conferences related to automotive front-end operations. He has also crafted several Sales, Sales and F&I Management training programs and published numerous articles in industry journals. 

Our Training Programs


We have a full suite of sales and management training programs to cover every stage of your client’s variable operations process.

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