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Income Development Solutions for the:

  • Financial Services Department
  • Sales Staff
  • Sales Management Staff
  • Business Development Center

Training is a Journey - Not a Destination

To ensure your team is playing from the same playbook we provide “Playbooks” tailored to your specific agenda.

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Our commitment consists of one-on-one and group sessions that prepare your Sales, Sales Management, Financial Services and/or BDC Staffs for the competitive challenges of the automobile industry. GGA drives performance by delivering the most up to date, principles and practices available to motivate and excel the overall performance of your variable operations sales and management teams!

  • We create a customized training and consultation “plan of action” with S.M.A.R.T. Goals tailored to fit your dealership’s specific objectives.  

  • Throughout our on-site development we work closely with your dealership’s management team and together analyze any performance deficiencies to determine a course of action.

  • All training initiatives are tailored to be in-line with your dealership’s culture, philosophy and overall business goals. 

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